About us

Started in 2021, as a simple idea, make beautiful clothes from recycled fabric. Custom made and produced locally in the Netherlands.

Who are we?

RESHIRT has been started bu Arend-Jan Majoor. I am driven by innovation when it serves a better world. Because I want us to have a world together that can still be used well for generations after us. I always have new ideas and I like to start new companies and projects. I combine 15+ years of experience from multinationals, nationals, SMEs and start-ups. I noticed that I am mainly an entrepreneur. In 2008 I helped the Tuk Tuk Company to further start up in the Netherlands and I had my first own company, called Frismakers, where we organized 300 second presentations at conferences. Since 2016 I have been active with waste and recycling because there is a lot to do here. For this I founded Recycling  Nederland. A name that immediately indicate what we do, less waste and more recycling. I like working with a concrete product, something you can see and feel. This is how RESHIRT was born.



100% recycled cotton

Cotton is one of the most commonly used materials in the fashion industry. And high global demand has fueled cotton production with genetically modified seeds and toxic chemicals. To give you an idea, it takes a cup of chemicals to produce enough cotton for just one sshirt. Fortunately, there is now an alternative in which cotton is completely reused and therefore does not have to be grown first.

Made in Holland

Most clothing are made in a sewing workshop thousands of miles away in Bangladesh or India. There are far too many people working together in too small a space behind a sewing machine. Women and girls who work long hours for starvation wages in unsafe conditions. cheap labor; to lower the price. Fortunately, there is a choice: Reshirts are sewn in sewing workshops in the Netherlands under good conditions for a fair salary.

Why shirts

The shirt is a true classic. Shirts were already worn in ancient Egypt and in the Middle Ages, although the collar and buttons did not come until after 1900. The classic model was mainly white and was carefully starched. The shirt has never lost its popularity. Today, the shirt is worn under a suit or casually over jeans. Gone are the days when the shirt was part of a boring uniform. Today you can play endlessly with it.