RESHIRT has a mission: to make shirts from materials that would otherwise be thrown away. These shirts are designed, produced and sold in The Netherlands from upcycled cotton. We do not use scarce drinking water and toxic chemicals. Good quality, working conditions, and for a fair price. Will you help us by joining the RESHIRT club?


Please join. Let´s get straight to the point as we Dutchies do.

How can you participate and what do you get in return?

If jou become a memeber of RESHIRT club you will receive your order once a year. Order your shirt in our shop and following options will result. Which one suits you?

  1. If you order 1 shirt, this adds up in the crowdfunding round, then you ensure that we get to the next phase of RESHIRT, namely reaching a larger group of people who show that we are working on a good product.
  2. Do you order 2 shirts? To celebrate this, you are also invited to participate in the photo shoot that we hold twice a year. We will then take a photo of you wearing your new shirt in a professional studio. You can then use this for your profile picture, for example. You immediately have a nice professional photo of yourself.
  3. Do you order 3 shirts? Then, in addition to a photo, you are also invited to a film shoot that we post on LinkedIn.
  4. If you order more than 3 shirts as a company or team, we will make a separate film of your own short fashion show.



What's the plan?

In 2021 I started making shirts from recycled textiles. The fabric comes from hotels and restaurants and would normally be thrown away if it has a small tear or stain. We reuse the fabric by first dyeing it in the right color and then making new shirts from it in Dutch sewing workshops. The shirts are sustainable from A to Z because no new cotton is used, which prevents the use of a lot of clean water in countries where they really need drinking water. The shirts are made in the Netherlands by tailors who understand the trade and need the work. As a result, the shirts also have a fair price.

Where are we standing right now?

We receive the textiles from the catering and hotel industry, we dye the textiles ourselves in the colors that are needed and we work with 2 sewing workshops in the Netherlands that make the shirts. It is important to mention that we only make the shirts after ordering, so we don't have stock that has to be thrown away if it is not sold.


We have made the first 100 shirts and the reviews are very good. Like Bob's: "So! I'm so happy with my shirt! Secretly one of my favorites. After ordering, the shirt was delivered very quickly and it fits like a glove. Much better than I expected and not unimportant... sustainable! Just a fair product for a fair price!"

In short:

  • The patterns are ready and perfected.
  • I already enjoy wearing the first shirts with a group of 100 people.
  • The sewing workshops are ready to make the shirts.
  • The website is being renewed and we are working on building up the social media.

So everything is in the starting blocks to produce. Now we are looking for 100 members who want to join the RESHIRT Club with us!
Do you have questions, suggestions or just want to share your enthusiasm


Contact me. You can Whatsapp me on +316-21120339 or let's connect on LinkedIn. Go to